About Us

Marketplace have been perfecting customer journeys and plotting their memorable pathways across the branding space world for over 30 years.

With a passionate in-house team who collaborate with each other and brand professionals,  we learn and understand the vision, converting that into an intelligent, physical, working reality.

Our knowledge and expertise in customer spaces provides intelligent solutions that covers requirements for single installations or international roll-outs.

How we do it

We design for human behaviour. We create the stories that resonate, engage, and create action by people. Physical and online spaces that immerse individuals in your brand, supercharging their senses.

Over the years we’ve come to realise one simple thing. Everyone is unique, and their needs differ. When someone enters comes in to contact with your brand, you only have a short amount of time to captivate them and switch them on.

We tie strategy and vision together, to create a customer experience that’s aligned to their needs.

There’s no ‘standard-kit’ at MarketPlace.  Every programme is bespoke.

Moving Up

We bring your space to life from a creative aspect, a practical aspect, and we plug the customer aspect into it too.

So when they walk through the door they receive your message in the perfect way to see and hear it.

Continuously learning about the newest trends, design deliverables, technology and materials, when you create a brand space with MarketPlace, you create something special. Something intelligent. And something that works.

Our Partners

At MarketPlace, Joyn and WSG, we care about every detail, working with you to develop unique and effective systems that fuse aesthetic beauty with functionality and robustness. Our responsible and resourceful approach consistently delivers impactful experiences on-time and on-budget, ensuring that your big idea becomes a big success.

Joyn – specialists in bespoke interior joinery for the hotel and hospitality sectors. Working closely with interior designers, we couple design ingenuity with manufacturing and implementation expertise to bring the most demanding of concepts to life

Bespoke joinery, design engineering, expert project management...WSG Interiors have been creating and executing commercial, hospitality, QSR, healthcare and retail interiors for over 35 years.

And they're the leaders in the industry, with a versatile and experienced in-house team to deliver an entire project from conception to creation, and beyond.