Market Place: Sectors

Whatever your industry, and whatever your environment, MarketPlace have tackled hundreds of similar briefs to yours. We know your sector, and our experience ensures you get great service, great quality, and outstanding results when you work with us.


National Housebuilders

When the brief is all about grabbing the attention of a home-buyer, MarketPlace create some of the most talked-about Housebuilder spaces around.

Creating those customer pathways to help them fall in love with what you’re offering is our speciality.

Our team work together at brief stage to ensure every aspect of your project is covered at the start. How busy will the environment be? First visit, or return viewing…how many journeys will a customer need? What unique requirements are in the brief, and how do we get the homebuyer to finish at the sales desk, itching to sign on the dotted line?

The results will always look fantastic, but we take the bits of the project that the eye doesn’t necessarily see. Our world-class joiners and design engineers ensure that we understand the space we’re working with, and match that up with the best finishes and materials for the project and its location.

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Consumer Electronics

In an age where tech advances and moves rapidly, a consumer electronics space needs to be as future-proof as possible.

The challenges we face to deliver in this sector can be extreme, but that’s why people rely on us.  We’ve been facing and overcoming these challenges for over 30 years.

One of the prime benefits in using MarketPlace is that we’re all set up for large scale roll-out, specified materials and finishes of only the highest quality. It’s all part and parcel of the sector. And because we have the entire supply chain all under the same roof, MarketPlace never fails to create and manufacture on time, every time, and to your brief.

We also keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest innovation for those buying electronics. So, we’re ready to go when your next fit-out comes around.

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Our drive and intuition to be unique in the automotive sector is unrivalled.

When a customer is looking for their next vehicle, they can get a little tired moving from one dealership to the next. The same layouts, standard signage – it’s like there’s an indenti-kit that’s passed from one dealership to the next.

So, we do original. We do persuasive, and we work with you to create a space that makes the customer feel that they’ve arrived at the right place to buy their new car.

Space planning and adaptability is key as well. We factor that into your environment so that our brand space installations stand the test of time – and not just from a quality assurance point of view.

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Merchant & Trade Counter

These days more and more people are being influenced to buy without realising it.

Influential words and messages are everywhere, and subtle lines encourage people to walk over, touch, feel and buy.

How do we influence that? By understanding the space, the flexibility and adaptability of products, challenging shapes, appropriate and sustainable materials…

We learn the brief, and we educate ourselves on the current trends in the industry.  We research what works, and create tactical areas, pathways and placements to indulge your customer and tempt them with your latest great offering.

And we can roll out to one store, or over 100 stores.  We’re fully equipped for a project of any size.

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Airport Retail

When a passenger is making their way through the airport, they already feel good.

Turning that feeling into something to make them stop, stare, try and spend is where we come in.

Quality aesthetics and path-planning is essential. As is being able to maintain the space, and keep it sparkling, especially with millions of people passing through each year.

And with an abundance of products in storage, we factor in the functional alongside the attractive, covering all of your needs and requirements.

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