Market Place services

MarketPlace is made up of the best people to come out of engineering, architecture, joinery, design, and project management circles. And the concepts and execution of our projects are looked at through the lens of spatially literate design, a concept that defines their approach to creating brand experiences.


What do you want, and what do you need?

The look and the feel is important. And so is making the space work and keeping it functional. It's our job to focus on the functional, whilst overcoming obstacles, creating solutions, and looking at the technical aspects of any installation we oversee. But without compromising on the brand.

We're thinkers who learn your customer's needs.


As Brand Space innovators, it’s important that we try and test our solutions in a real and practical way.

Prototyping allows us to create our concepts and check they’re functioning on-brand as a working system, rather than a theoretical one. It’s step one in bringing the customer journey to reality.

Manufacture & Installation

The way MarketPlace operate ensures that you get the highest quality and most functional space, which is appropriate for one-site, or a large-scale roll-out across a number of sites. We employ the most creative and wise designers, the most experienced engineers and joiners in the business, and installers whose attention to detail is second to none - and they all share our ethos and vision.

Updates, Maintenance & On-Site Support

There isn't just a beginning, middle and end of a brand space project with MarketPlace. Our pre-contract design, and our aftercare service means that we offer a whole life of project care. Our relationship continues long after handover. Product updates and fixture refresh are part of what we do. And that means the longevity of your brand space is extended beyond what you might expect.

Recycle & Re-Purpose

We’re proud of our Sustainability values, and when you work with MarketPlace you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Net Zero 2050? We help. One of the things that we pride ourselves on is by taking your old interior features, and working them into new, modern design.  It’s more than a current fashionable trend. Saving wood or old radiators that can be re-purposed saves your waste and saves you money.

And finally, all our projects are designed with disassembly in mind. What can be salvaged and used again?


Services in detail

MarketPlace is a responsible company, taking our impact on the planet seriously.

We think in sustainable ways, and we're as kind to the environment as possible. That means our sustainability ethos passes on to you. Steps to build better include:

  • Using reclaimed wood
  • Using sustainable Eco-products
  • Buying local at every opportunity
  • Design for disassembly
  • Dispose of waste responsibly